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Media Literacy

Media Literacy Foldable: Media Literacy Foldable

Media Literacy Poster Project (Grade 6): Media Literacy Poster Project (Grade 6)

Media Literacy Poster Project:

Media Literacy Project (Grade 6):


Writing Hook Foldable:

Recount Writing & EQAO:

TAPF Interactive Writing Notebook: Interactive Writing Journal TAPF BLM Brownlee and Belanger

Narrative Downloads

Figurative Language in Music Movies TV Books Homework

comic onometapia

Recount Download

Brownlee and Belanger Recount Movie Review PDF


Asking Questions Foldable:

Predicting Foldable:

Genius Project Inquiry Organizer:



Open Response & Math:

Number Sense:

Fraction Talks: Fraction Talks Brainstorming Page 2writingsisters

Interactive Notebook Number Sense:

Patterning & Algebra:

Math Task Cards – Patterning (EQAO Grade 6):

Math Task Cards – Algebra (EQAO Grade 6):


Geometry & Space: Constellation Angles:

Symmetry Notebook: Lines of Symmetry and Rotational: Symmetry Interactive Notebook



Geometry & Space: Constellation Angles:


Grade 6: Biodiversity:

English Language Learners

Card & Board Games:

Using Technology to Support English Language Learners:

Back to School

Back to School/Getting to Know You:

Dolch Downloads

Have restructured this page to make it easier to access all Dolch items.  We know how difficult it is to find engaging ways to help students practice their sight words.  Below should be enough ways to keep your students willing to review for awhile 🙂

This form allows you to track your student’s ability to read Dolch Sight Words.

Dolch Word List Assessment Tracking Page (Free)

Use the Dolch Sight Words Flashcards to help your students progress in their fluency. Colour code the sight words by level to help with easy sorting.

Dolch Word Flashcards (Free)

The following games, some based on classic games, are fun ways to practice Dolch Sight Words individually or in a small group. Instructions for use included in the document.

Read Them And Win Dolch Words (Free) (Preprimer to Grade 3 sight words)

Race For All (Free) (Preprimer to Grade 3 sight words)

Rock Paper Scissors Dolch (Free) (Preprimer to Grade 3 sight words)

Dolch Word Battleship (Free) (Preprimer to Grade 3 sight words & Dolch nouns)

Snakes and Ladders (Free) (Preprimer to Grade 3 sight words & Dolch nouns)

Connect 4 Rules  &  Connect 4 Dolch (Free) (Preprimer to Grade 3 sight words)

Lucky Roll & Read – Dolch (Free)  (Preprimer to Grade 3 sight words)

Additional Educational Downloads

Phonemic Awareness – Medial Vowel Sounds – Phonemic Awareness – Medial Vowel Sounds (Free)

Alphabet Letter/Sound Recognition Game –  Read Them and Win Alphabet

Rhyming Word Activity that can be used during Literacy blocks. – I Found… Where Is Brownlee and Belanger (Free)

Here is the outline for Friendship Club.  Thanks to all of the fantastic individuals who shared their ideas online

Friendship Club Compiled by Brownlee and Belanger (Free)

A game to help students practice addition facts from 1-6 – Addition Fishin’

Nursery Rhyme support  – Humpty Dumpty – Nursery Rhymes – Humpty Dumpty – Brownlee and Belanger

Nursery Rhyme support – Jack & Jill – Nursery Rhymes – Jack and Jill – Brownlee and Belanger

Nursery Rhyme Support – Hey Diddle Diddle Nursery Rhymes – Hey Diddle Diddle – Brownlee and Belanger