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Chances Are (Probability)

21 May

While we are wrapping up our probability unit, we are still going full steam ahead in our math units. EQAO is around the corner and we are on a push to get in the last concepts before the assessment. That is a whole other blog post in itself. Probably one that will never be written for the sake of positivity:-)

This year, we are working with a really amazing group of students who really give it their best effort in math. Right now, we will give the disclaimer that past years have been equally awesome in personality but this group has the edge in the number that are willing to persevere in working to grasp the math concepts. So, we decided to do the games approach for probability. Normally, we have played structured games but haven’t done the ‘create your own’ because we weren’t certain how much they would get of the probability piece. Creative games and a lot of fun? Yes. A greater understanding of probability? Not as certain.

To help structure the games and make certain we always had our expectations in mind we created this organizer. The general concept and start is not ours. We saw numerous examples online and decided to work with those. Where we started to focus on Ontario expectations can be found in the 2nd and 3rd part of our organizer. We also thought this might help when we have those years where the group doesn’t make the connections as readily. An organizer that will help to prompt and guide their thinking.

The class had a lot of fun creating and sharing their games. They created some really wonderful activities and rose to the occasion of hosting other groups during our probability carnival. Hopefully, your class will enjoy the activity as well. Enjoy.

probability game

Looking for a rubric to use? Page 111 of the Guide to Effective Mathematical Instruction for Data Management and Probability has a ready to use rubric that fits this particular activity. Find this document here: 

We started with the probability carnival online. You can find the games here:

After they had started to create items, we also watched Caine’s Arcade for more inspiration. As well, we are going to make additional cardboard games and items with our Grade 3 inquiry partners. Find Caine’s Arcade here:

You can download the file here: Probability Game of Chance brownlee and belanger