Math Task Cards Patterning (EQAO Grade 6)

27 Oct

Less sunlight. Sudden switch from warm weather to wearing a winter coat. Rain has begun. It’s report card writing season. PA Day today with a math and tech focus. If only the reason for an increase in tiredness and general snappiness was obvious …

Since one of us is teaching in an EQAO focus year, we often have items related specifically towards test prep. This would be one of those items. We have created some math tasks cards for patterning using previous EQAO assessment questions. We did not create the questions; just the cards. EQAO created the questions; we just compiled them. We have divided the questions into three different task card sets. The first set looks at numeric patterning. The second set uses the questions that provide visuals with the patterns.  The third set is based on open response questions.  By consolidating the questions, we hope to save you a bit of time and energy.

That’s all that we’ve got in us today.

We have added in examples from the 2016-2017 assessment; however, if you notice any errors or omissions then let us know and we will update the file.

You can get the files here:

EQAO Patterning Task Cards Brownlee and Belanger

EQAO Patterning Task Cards Open Response Brownlee and Belanger

EQAO Patterning Task Cards Second Set Brownlee and Belanger


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