Recount Writing and EQAO

24 Jul

When we were going over our recount writing plans, we started thinking about the constantly looming spectre of EQAO in Grade 6. While we were consistently using the reading passages, we hadn’t delved into the writing component to the same level. The multiple choice questions in particular are usually stumbling blocks for many of our students. To help out, we decided to look through past EQAO assessments to determine which prompts would be compatible with recount writing.

At this point we are not certain how we are going to integrate them into our plans. They may become quick write prompts or shared writing. We may use them as a source of exemplars.  Many of the multiple choice questions would support mini lessons on organization or focus.  As you can tell we are reviewing but don’t have a lot of great ideas at this point!

For anyone else who may want to consider ways to work in EQAO writing, we are posting the recount related prompts. We have cited the year for each prompt. Hopefully you can come up with some creative ways to incorporate them into your writing plan. Apparently our brains are on summer vacation too (as you can tell by our exciting blog title). Happy planning!

EQAO Recount Writing Prompts Brownlee and Belanger



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