Writing Process: TAPF

19 Jul

Thinking about our goals for this coming year, we started to think about ways to revise our language program. This year we decided we are going to incorporate an interactive language notebook. While we aren’t totally certain if we are going to use separate ones for reading, word study and writing or just one general notebook, we started with a focus on writing.

This year we are going to start with a Topic, Audience, Purpose, Format approach. It seems straightforward and student friendly. Also, after several years of reading “so, yeah” in formal writing we are hoping enough focus on the audience piece might help eliminate that problem! If you haven’t encountered students randomly writing “so, yeah” in every genre, especially when they run out of things to say, then consider yourself lucky!

We decided after our introductory classes we would start with this foldable for our books.

Using a 4-section foldable, students will label the outside flap with the letters TAPF. Inside they will write out the title and definitions for each section.

We will do follow up lessons on each topic before using format to start our first focus on recount.  As we work through other revisions we will continue to share some ideas and activities. So, yeah. Enjoy.







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