Media Literacy Poster Project

10 Mar

After the success of our cereal box design, we decided we would look at posters for our next project. Posters are a pervasive media form and easy to use in many subject areas. They also allow for a creative outlet in design and development. We have often assigned a poster creation project and outlined our expectations but have never really broken down the concept of posters as a media form.

We started by looking at a variety of posters in order to determine why posters are created. As always in this stage, we refer to the concept that media have special interests. We also refer back to the concept of PIE (persuade, inform, entertain) as a guideline to assist us in determining the messages being conveyed. As we looked at the posters we also discuss the use of colour and images that were selected in the development of the poster. This is to set the stage for our look at the key concept that each media has its own form and features.

In order to help students think about the conventions of a poster we created a graphic organizer for use when analysing a poster of his/her choice. This is located below as our freebie.

Media Literacy Poster Conventions BLM updated

We will keep you updated as we work through our analysis and poster design process!



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