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Media Literacy Poster Project (Grade 6)

27 Mar

After analyzing our posters with our graphic organizers, we reviewed the 5 key concepts of media literacy and how posters relate to these concepts. Our particular focus was on the message that “Each medium has a unique aesthetic form”. (We had used the video clips and some of the ideas from MediaSmarts Media Minutes  program at the start of the school year). We explained that when making posters, designers did not all take a side and start drawing – as we usually see in partner/group posters – they plan and, like all media, use key elements to make them effective.

It provided a good connection with our elements of art in that we were also able to review the element of balance in design through a look at symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial designs. Students enjoyed learning about the “Z pattern” design approach and, after looking at some examples,were quick to locate and identify the design features. Movie posters were our main source as it is easy for students to explain why the image of one character might be emphasized over another character. (Next time might be a good way to connect to narrative features…)

Fortunately for us, our school is having a talent show and it provided us for the perfect opportunity to put our new skills into action. To help students remember, we used a graphic organizer. This organizer takes the one from the Ontario Ministry of Education’s E-workshop Media Lesson Plan for Grade 4 and contains additional elements. One of which includes a great summary from Learn Alberta’s lesson plan on “Creating Persuasive and Effective Visuals”, using the summary idea of catchy, concise, comprehensive and convincing. We also included a reminder on the Z-pattern and a place for brainstorming as we decided to use the organizer for planning and keeping students on track during their poster creation.

Poster Elements Checklist-1 copyPoster Elements Checklist-2

Many of the posters are in progress; however, some are completed and we are very pleased we the results!

IMG_1065 IMG_1068poster


Media Literacy Poster Project

10 Mar

After the success of our cereal box design, we decided we would look at posters for our next project. Posters are a pervasive media form and easy to use in many subject areas. They also allow for a creative outlet in design and development. We have often assigned a poster creation project and outlined our expectations but have never really broken down the concept of posters as a media form.

We started by looking at a variety of posters in order to determine why posters are created. As always in this stage, we refer to the concept that media have special interests. We also refer back to the concept of PIE (persuade, inform, entertain) as a guideline to assist us in determining the messages being conveyed. As we looked at the posters we also discuss the use of colour and images that were selected in the development of the poster. This is to set the stage for our look at the key concept that each media has its own form and features.

In order to help students think about the conventions of a poster we created a graphic organizer for use when analysing a poster of his/her choice. This is located below as our freebie.

Media Literacy Poster Conventions BLM updated

We will keep you updated as we work through our analysis and poster design process!