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Media Literacy Project (Grade 6)

1 Jan

We have been having fun lately with a media literacy project in our classroom. We are in the process of looking at the specific features of cereal boxes and designing our own cereal boxes. The idea initially came from MediaSmarts and their lessons on the key concepts of media literacy. We decided to share the two organizers we used in the project as freebies for you.

MediaSmarts has created a series of video clips looking at the five key concepts of media literacy. They also have lesson plans to accompany each video. They use the cereal lesson to accompany the concept of “media are constructions”. We altered it to use with the concept “media have special (commercial) interests”. This allowed us the chance to incorporate  curriculum expectations from each area: Understanding Media Texts, Understanding Media Forms, Conventions and Techniques as well as Creating Media Texts.

After watching the MediaSmarts’ “media have special (commercial) interests” clip. We set about to looking at the features of cereal boxes. As we have a number of iPads in the room, we choose to search online. It would also be good to have some on hand as you’ll use them later anyway. We used a graphic organizer to help focus our search.


After we created a list of items and discussed the features, students were given the following to help them create their own cereal design. (Note – students had all created their own logo prior to this activity).


Here are some examples of their work:
scooter crunch.jpg    IMG_0506.JPG   monster munch.jpg





IMG_0502.JPGHarry Potteros.jpg

Our next step will incorporate our persuasive writing as we will work to create commercials for our new product. We are looking forward to the finish products!