Just for Boys: High Interest/ Low Vocabulary

5 Jan

Every now and then you get to chance to combine two passions.  (It is our guess that this was the case when peanut butter cups were invented.)  For us, that means that we got to combine our love of writing with our passion for teaching kids who are struggling with regular academic work.

As usual, this started with a discussion and turned into a debate.  Should we write stories for struggling readers or should we write lesson plans for teachers? Also as per usual, we both debated each of the sides citing research and our own experiences and beliefs.  (We are both quite good at talking the other sister to the other side and then back again.J) The debate could happily have gone on forever but then we wouldn’t have anything to actually show for it.  (That would have been the end of the story.)

Instead, we chose to put pen to paper – although literally, we put fingers to keyboards – and decided to take the best parts of both sides and create a hybrid of ideas.  The result is our Just for Boys:  High Interest/ Low Vocabulary teaching resource.

Not only do we have one book to brag about, we have two!  More accurately, we have two versions of the same resource.  There is both a Canadian and an American version.  Guess we were a little too Canadian our first time around, eh?  The American version has 16 stories (http://www.onthemarkpress.com/product/00/OTM14285/JUST-FOR-BOYS-HIGH-INTERESTLOW-VOCABULARY-GR.-4-ALIGNED-TO-CC) and is aligned to the Common Core Standards.  The Canadian edition has 18 stories (http://www.onthemarkpress.com/product/00/N1285/JUST-FOR-BOYS-HIGH-INTERESTLOW-VOCABULARY-GR.-4-CANADIAN-VERSION) and is not – because it’s aligned to Canadian curriculum ;->


Each story starts with the teacher’s notes that guide you through on how you can use the stories.  We provided before, during and after activities for each story as well as a Running Record sheet.  We envisioned this as a resource you could use for Guided Reading or be able to use as independent readings.

We are excited to use it with our students and hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!


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