A New School Year

3 Oct

A new school year has started and we are officially back to a routine.

The word “routine” is defined by http://www.thefreedictionary.com/routine as

1. A prescribed, detailed course of action to be followed regularly; a standard procedure.

2. A set of customary and often mechanically performed procedures or activities.

How does even that definition sound so boring that it makes me want to leap back in time to last week?

Summer celebrates an end of routine.  It is the idyllic time for procrastination and relaxation.  Laziness is expected and even demanded.

For the Abstract /Random personalities among us (Step forward both sisters!), a return to routine is both a blessing and a curse.  The curse recognizes the fact that there are so many ideas out there that have to be ignored due to time constraints with structured systems in place.  The blessing comes in the form of accomplishment due to the fact that there is only time for certain ideas to be taken to the level of completion.

How is it that the more time that we have, the less that we get done?

We can call it “re-charging our batteries” or “down time”.  We happily call it, “time well wasted” (Was that borrowed from the Simpsons?)  We mourn the loss of it.  (A moment of silence is recommended at this point in the reading.)

Now that we are back with a “set of customary and often mechanically performed procedures”, we will see if we find our minds open to the dreaded four-letter word- work.

That being said, we did put together a few new lesson ideas to make your return a little easier.  You can find them at teachers notebook or right here on our downloads page.

Enjoy the fruits (small crop, indeed 🙂 of our labour.

(New to site includes Nursery Rhyme Support Packages)

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