We’re Tired…

22 Dec

National Novel Writing Month is over yet we are still tired.  Maybe it’s the thought of having to edit a novel that we challenged ourselves to write in thirty-one days.  Don’t think that we were as careful as we normally would have been with our grammar and punctuation.  Since one of us is very much of an “it’s done” kind of person the other one is little worried about the editing phase!

Maybe we’re tired because the holidays are coming up and instead of thinking about relaxing we keep thinking about the “to do” lists in our head.

Maybe we’re tired because it’s exhausting justifying our profession lately.  Being a teacher during contract talks feels a little like being a bad smell in the room.  People make disparaging remarks about the smell and pretend they’re above making the smell.

Maybe we’re tired because it was supposed to be the end of the world Friday and we were looking forward to some sleep (perhaps of the eternal kind), not having to edit, not having the “to do” list worry and not having to defend ourselves from everyone who feels they can comment on teachers because they once had a teacher.

According to one of our uber smartie-pants husband, Mayan experts state that it was potentially predicting a new beginning not an ending.  Since we don’t happen to be a Mayan experts, nor know any Mayan experts or even have any documents disproving these so-called Mayan experts then we will have to acquiesce to their theory.

Which means that maybe we need to look at things in a new light.  The editing is really essential to a well-polished book and the “I’m done” writing partner can be bribed into it without too much whining. (She’s already thinking of things she wants)

Rethinking  the “to do” list.  Since one of us already deals with anxiety maybe those “to do” lists need to be pared down or even tossed out.  Our focus should be on our children not a checklist. (Think this one is a hint from the non-anxious one)

Stop justifying.  We’d rather spend our energy on our students and thinking about what they need not the mental drain about how to argue with someone who has already decided what the teaching world needs.

Most of all, maybe we should just get some quality sleep.

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