7 Dec

There is a children’s book called Fortunately  by Remy Charlip.  The main character in the book moves through a series of events in a Fortunately…./ Unfortunately… kind of way, if you know what we mean.  That type of description could well be used to describe our month of November.

Fortunately, we found out about a great group who challenged us to write 50 000 words in a month.  We jumped in with both feet.  Unfortunately, we heard about it a little bit late and might have neglected to read all of the rules fully.  Fortunately, the group doesn’t use the word “cheater” for people who break the rules.  Unfortunately, if you worked with a writing partner, you were a rule breaker and were titled a “rebel”. (This is probably the first time that descriptor has ever been applied to either one of us.   We are not sure it completely applies since it was in ignorance, or stupidity, depending on how you look at it.;))  Fortunately, rebel sounds a lot better than cheater.  Unfortunately, people who follow the rules are the official winners.  Fortunately, we have labeled ourselves unofficial rebel winners.  Unfortunately, we will not gain any of the prizes.  Fortunately, we have completed the second novel in our trilogy.  Hurray!!!  Unfortunately, the novel did not reach the full 50 000 words.  Fortunately, we started on our third book to meet the quota.

We could keep going in this vein.  Fortunately, we won’t.  Unfor….

It is addictive.  Try it.  Someone will have to take the computer away from you…….

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